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The Color Purple Broadway Show Tickets

The Color Purple Broadway Show Tickets

If you always thought that a good musical show should be entertaining and fun, then you had better get The Color Purple Broadway show tickets and dig into the world of this drama musical. Be certain, this fabulous show is going to either make your beliefs stronger or thoroughly change your worldview. The Color Purple Broadway show currently playing in Las Vegas is the incarnation of the 1985 movie on Alice Walker’s book written in 1982. This musical performance on this best-seller was first staged in 2005. And today you have the unique chance of ordering The Color Purple Broadway show tickets beforehand so that you have your comfortable seat in the hall and can keenly follow not only the bewitching acting and singing of the glorious artists on the stage but also all their emotions so clearly seen on their faces!

Buying The Color Purple Broadway Show Tickets Beforehand

Never forget that Las Vegas never sleeps, this is the city always crowded with visitors from around the world for not only gambling at local dazzling casinos but also enjoying the unlimited entertainments offered including world-famous Broadway shows. Therefore, if you really plan to get a seat and enjoy The Color Purple musical drama show, it’s really more expedient to book the tickets online even before you leave for Vegas. Otherwise, you have little chances to get The Color Purple Broadway show tickets in Vegas.

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The Message Delivered to the Audience

The Color Purple show, just as the book is based on such concepts as the importance of having a strong will and determination to never give up even if you are in an unbearable condition. However, besides noting the significance of having a spot of light in life, the story also touches such serious themes as racism and sexism, violence and servitude, spousal abuse and the belief in God. Surely, all this may seem a bit outdated as compared with the 1980s when the book by Alice Walker was first published. However, regardless of how surprised you may become, the same problems still exist in our modern, “advanced” society. Buying a ticket to The Color Purple show played in Las Vegas and spending 2 hours and 35 minutes watching the performance may open thoroughly new understandings and horizons for you.

The Marvelous Acting

The Color Purple Broadway show is considered somewhat outdated, yet the accurate theme and the brilliant acting of the artists on the stage make it really effective. Remarkable playwright Marsha Norman summarized the entire novel by Alice Walker so artfully, that the performance doesn‘t lack any significant moment described in the book. The show was directed by John Doyle, while the music and lyrics were created by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, and Stephen Bray. If you manage to buy discount tickets for Broadway show The Color Purple from our site now, you will admire the marvelous acting and singing of such artists as enumerated below. Here is the cast of the show:

  • Cynthia Erivo (Celie)
  • Carrie Compere (Sofia)
  • Jennifer Holliday (Shug Avery)
  • kyle Scatliffe (Harpo)
  • Jennie Harney (Nettie)
  • Nathaniel Stampley (Mister)

The Plot

The Color Purple is a well-known novel by American author Alice Walker, which won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1983 and still stays one of the most under consideration books. Now, this story has spread on screen and on stage.

The story itself follows a difficult life of African-American young girl called Cellie in the US back in the 1930s. Even for those hard times, her life was extremely unbearable. She had a hard childhood because of constant abuse of her father, which included rape and other physical violence. At the age of 14, she had already had 2 kids and no good mental health. The only support she had was her younger sister Nettie, who actually suffered the same. Her life became even more difficult when she was forced to marry Mister, who abused her even more. Why exactly this store became popular? Because perhaps Cellie was the first woman who fought all the difficulties and proved she has the same rights for a good life as anyone else. This inspiring story shows that you always have way out an all you have to do is fight for it, no matter how difficult it is. The message seems to be predictable, but you will be amazed and fascinated by the strong will of the unbroken ordinary woman.

The rest is presented through the following songs performed in powerful voices of the artists that describe how this girl finds the strength to fight for her honorable existence and respect toward herself:

  • Push Da Button;
  • Miss Celie‘s Pants;
  • I’m There;
  • And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going; and others.

Director John Doyle did a great job by creating climbing walls with the help of multiple chairs fastened to the back wall of the stage. The somewhat bare set on the stage perfectly coincides with Celie‘s life. However, there are a few props on the stage via baskets and sheets typical to the 1930s, the time period the story is about. The lighting is theatrical yet highly effective.
Overall, buying tickets for Broadway show The Color Purple, you can never get disappointed for not stopping your choice on a comedian musical show. This drama musical show has nothing subtle in it, starting from the story itself and ending with the staging of the songs. Once it’s over, you will have thoroughly experienced the play, never doubt! Buying The Color Purple Broadway show tickets will become your most significant investment in Las Vegas.

Show the good through the prism of the bad

Despite the clear message of never giving up, the show focuses on the other important issues, which are sexism and racism. However, nowadays it is not that many big problems as it used to be, it still remains a serious question. The show emphasizes feelings and changes of the personality of a character as a result of violence the character’s been through. Unfortunately, the book and the show as well were accused of promoting violence as the normal attitude to people. This is the reason why they are the frequent target of censors. The author herself claims that she wants to make people understand what their wrong behavior can lead to.

If you are interested in the story and how it will end, or any other Las Vegas event next 14 days,  it is the high time to book tickets!

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